About me

Gianluigi Nuzzi

Gianluigi Nuzzi is the author of several scoops and investigative reports which had a big, even internationally resonance. In the year 2009,  alongside with VATICANO SPA, he revealed the sacred buildings’ financial and political scandals. This was made possible thanks to the sacred papers of Monsignor Renato Dardozzi and hastened Angelo Caloia resignation. The IOR’s president had been in charge for twenty years. In the year 2011 he published METASTASI (with Claudio Antonelli), another revealing book in which they accounted for the penetration of ‘ndrangheta in Northern Italy. In the year 2012, HIS HOLINESS upset the Vatican balance of powers, revealing the Pope’s sacred papers. This led to the blow of a crisis that contributed to Ratzinger resignation in 2013. Nuzzi was the host and creator of the program INTOCCABILI, broadcasted on La7. He is now hosting QUARTO GRADO on Rete4, a program focused on the hard-news that move and divide the opinion.